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Multiverse Collection

Mirror and Realms - Super Introductory E-book Offer

Mirror and Realms - Super Introductory E-book Offer

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  1. Once Upon a Soulmate
  2. Once Upon a Secret
  3. Once Upon a Sin
  4. Once Upon a Spirit
  5. Once Upon a Promise
  6. Once Upon a Shadow
  7. Virgo - The Vampire city

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In a realm where fate and romance collide, Madeline, a New York journalist, finds herself entwined in a perilous dance of love and redemption.

When she unwittingly commits a crime against the gods, her only chance at salvation lies in forging a bond with British billionaire Ciaran — the man she wrote a scathing article about.

Their journey unfolds amidst a clash of passion and animosity, as enemies become lovers against a backdrop of supernatural forces.

As they strive to bridge their differences, their connection grows stronger, igniting a love that defies the odds. But with divine wrath on the horizon, they must confront their past mistakes or risk tearing apart the realms they hold dear.

In this captivating romantic fantasy, Madeline and Ciaran hold the power to save their intertwined worlds.

Will they succumb to the allure of their shared destiny, or let their tumultuous pasts unravel everything?

Join them on an epic odyssey of sacrifice and enchantment, where love may be their only salvation. If you like the whimsical world of A Discovery of Witches, and the unconditional love of Outlander, then you’ll devour Ciaran's and Madeline's story in Mirror and Realms series. 💜💜💜



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