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Multiverse Collection

Mirror and Realms Ultimate E-books

Mirror and Realms Ultimate E-books

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This e-book bundle includes a complete series of 13 books in the Mirror & Realms series by D.N. Leo, featuring the best selling story and the most loved characters in the Multiverse world.

This offer includes 2 exclusive bonus books, making this the ultimate bundle that is not available anywhere else.

Blurb (Book 1)

If God has blessed Madeline with a soulmate, then making him fall in love with her should be a breeze. But there's a catch - she's written a scathing article about his company, and now he's determined to dismantle her journal's reputation, piece by agonizing piece.

Say hello to Madeline, a spirited journalist in the mortal realm and a visionary in the magical realm. Spinning stories is her jam!

And there he is, the formidable and controlling CEO, guarding his family's legacy with everything he's got.

It's a rollercoaster ride of romance and destiny, pushing them to heal each other's wounded hearts.

Can they conquer every obstacle, defy the odds, and find true love amidst the chaos? Or will their dreams shatter under the weight of adversity?



  1. Once Upon a Soulmate
  2. Once Upon a Secret
  3. Once Upon a Sin
  4. Once Upon a Spirit
  5. Once Upon a Promise
  6. Once Upon a Shadow
  7. Once Upon a Light
  8. Once Upon a Halo
  9. Once Upon a Zodiac
  10. Once Upon a Vow
  11. Once Upon a Portal
  12. Once Upon an Angel
  13. Once Upon a Second Chance
  14. Virgo - The Vampire city - EXCLUSIVE BONUS
  15. Pisces - Future without a Past - EXCLUSIVE BONUS


AUDIOBOOKS INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE (with audiobook bundle purchase only) 
  1. Doubling Down: narrated by - multicast team
  2. Random psychic: narrated by - Catherine Edwards
  3. Forever Mortal: narrated by - Catherine Edwards
  4. Elusive Beings: narrated by - Catherine Edwards
  5. Imperfect Divine: narrated by - Catherine Edwards
  6. Light and Shadow: narrated by - Lisa Larsen
  7. Spells and Codes: narrated by - Lisa Larsen
  8. Blood and Spirit: narrated by - Lisa Larsen
  9. Totem of Aries: narrated by - Catherine Edwards & Erin Bateman
  10. Cross My Heart: narrated by - multicast team
  11. Oleander - Shadow of Angel 1 - narrated by - Catherine Edwards
  12. Wolfsbane - Shadow of Angel 2 - narrated by - Catherine Edwards
  13. Maikoa - Shadow of Angel 3 -narrated by - Catherine Edwards
  14. Virgo - The Vampire City -  EXCLUSIVE BONUS
  15. Pisces - narrated by - Catherine Edwards
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