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Vines, Feathers and Potions #1 - Cabernet Murder - E-book

Vines, Feathers and Potions #1 - Cabernet Murder - E-book

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Short blurb

A small town witch, Jasmine, and a big city detective, Bertram, make a team of supernatural law enforcement that could turn the supernatural world up-side-down.

Vines Feathers and Potions is a complete 9 book series

  1. Cabernet Murder
  2. Sauvignon Secrets
  3. Zinfandel Affair
  4. Malbec Betrayal
  5. Pinot noir Healings
  6. The Last Sunflower
  7. Bird of Paradise
  8. Blue Passion
  9. Lily of the Valley

Long Blurb

🍷 Who would've thought my vineyard's wine would be the prime suspect in a murder?

I'm Jasmine, a witch with a penchant for potions and a vineyard that hides more than just grapes.

Enter Bertram, a detective from Melbourne City, logical, sceptical, and definitely not a believer in the supernatural.

Our first meeting? Let's just say he wasn't expecting to be charmed, literally.

But as the mystery deepens, so does our connection. Can I trust him with my secrets? Can he handle the truth of my world?

Welcome to Gisborne, where magic mingles with mystery, and every sip of wine might just be a taste of danger.

Imagine if 'Charmed' met ‘Outlander’, with a sprinkle of 'Once Upon a Time'. 

Escape into this intoxicating tale that will leave you thirsty for more.

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