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Magic and Souls - E-book Bundle

Magic and Souls - E-book Bundle

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  1. White Curse - Spectrum of Magic
  2. Blue Fox - Spectrum of Magic
  3. Indigo Stone - Spectrum of Magic
  4. Red Moon - Spectrum of Magic
  5. Libra - Spectrum of Magic 
  6. Pisces -Spectrum of Magic
  7. Soul Dealer - Destiny of a Good Deity
  8. Soul Market - Destiny of a Good Deity

Written by D.N. Leo

Audiobooks are narrated by Catherine Edwards and Claire Lindsey


Love brings them together. Magic tears them apart.

Orla leaves her homeland to run away from a childhood ruined by dark magic. Lorcan risks everything to search for her.

Like what happens in a fairy tale, they find each other in London and start a new life together. Their new life isn't perfect, but they have each other, and they're happy.

That is, until the past comes back to haunt them.

And they realize that the fairy tale ending doesn't come without a heavy price tag.

They might have found each other, but do they have what it takes to stay together?

They love each other, but what if true love isn't enough to fight against dark magic?

Spectrum of Magic is a complete romantic urban fantasy series in the Multiverse Collection.

If you love supernatural mysteries and suspense, grab the book, and explore the world of love, magic, and thrilling action.

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