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Once Upon a Soulmate - Paperback

Once Upon a Soulmate - Paperback

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In a contemporary romantic fantasy with fairytale twists, a protagonist faces an impossible task: seducing her soulmate in the human world or facing banishment to the underground. The catch? He despises her.

As a journalist in the mortal realm and a seer in the magical realm, she believed winning his heart would be a simple feat. Yet, he is a wealthy, controlling CEO, and she wrote a scathing article about his company. In response, he vows to dismantle her journal's reputation piece by piece.

But when she looks into his striking gray eyes, she glimpses the emotional wound she unknowingly inflicted. It's a wound he fiercely guards, and one that fuels his determination to protect his secrets and loved ones.

In this captivating tale of enemies transformed into lovers, she wonders if she can heal the damage caused by her words and win his heart. Will they overcome the forces working against them, or will their dreams shatter under the weight of adversity?

Prepare to be enchanted by this contemporary romantic fantasy, where destiny weaves its intricate tapestry and true love confronts the deepest secrets of the heart.

Join them on an epic odyssey of sacrifice and enchantment, where love may be their only salvation.

If you like the whimsical world of A Discovery of Witches, and the unconditional love of Outlander, then you’ll devour Ciaran's and Madeline's story in Mirror and Realms series. 💜💜💜


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