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Shifter Ultimate - E-book Bundle

Shifter Ultimate - E-book Bundle

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LIMITED TIME BUNDLE: 3 series in 1 bundle 🐺 🔥

This e-book bundle includes 11 books in the in 3 series: Curse of the Alpha, Spectrum of magic and Destiny of a good Deity.


  1. Wolf Cursed - Curse of the Alpha
  2. Wolf Hunted - Curse of the Alpha
  3. Wolf Trapped - Curse of the Alpha
  4. Wolf Betrayed - Curse of the Alpha
  5. White Curse - Spectrum of Magic
  6. Blue Fox - Spectrum of Magic
  7. Indigo Stone - Spectrum of Magic
  8. Red Moon - Spectrum of Magic
  9. Soul Dealer - Destiny of a Good Deity
  10. Soul Market - Destiny of a Good Deity
  11. Libra - Spectrum of Magic - EXCLUSIVE BONUS

Wolf Cursed blurb 

Everyone in the city fears the return of dark magic, except the psychic Ivy. That is, until dark magic kills one of her clients, and threatens to send her family’s century-old private security company to its financial ruin.

Killian, the most powerful shapeshifter in the region, throws her company a lifebuoy, but in exchange, Ivy must do something she’d swore she’d never do: take on a supernatural client. Namely, Killian himself.

He needs her to protect him against a curse. At least, that’s what he tells her, though the truth is a bit more complicated than he’s let on. But Killian isn’t the only one with a secret, and when he learns hers, it may be worse than her undoing.

It may mean her death.

If you like the bite of True Blood, the whimsical world of A Discovery of Witches, and the love of Outlander, then you’ll devour D.N. Leo’s Curse of the Alpha series.

3 series in 1 pack - The Ultimate Shifter is an offer you do not want to miss.

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