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Soul Market - Destiny of a Good Deity #2 - E-book

Soul Market - Destiny of a Good Deity #2 - E-book

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"True Blood" vibes and "Charmed" allure amidst Melbourne's city lights...

Mya's not just teaching mythology; she's living it. Tasked to protect 1000 souls, everything shifts when Zach steps into her world. Pursued by shadowy forces, he's not just another soul— he's a riddle with a rockstar charm. As their paths entwine and sparks fly, it's clear: he’s both her challenge and protector.

In Melbourne's urban maze, celestial stakes and sultry secrets loom. To break free, they must challenge fate itself.

Modern love meets ancient intrigue. Ready for the ride?

Destiny of a Good Deity Series:

Book 1: Soul Dealers

Book 2: Soul Market

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