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Multiverse Collection

Mirror and Realms Books 1-10 - Super Offer

Mirror and Realms Books 1-10 - Super Offer

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She can reshape fairytales, but rewriting her love story? That's the real challenge.

Introducing Madeline: journalist by daylight, unintentional god slayer by twilight. 

Throughout her career, she's never faltered on a lead. Yet, a well-intended act unknowingly wreaks havoc upon the world of fairytales. 

One mishap spirals her world and fairytale realms into pandemonium. 

Those close to her? They're paying the price. 

Her destined soulmate? Thinks she's his personal trouble. 

To set both worlds straight, Madeline might just have to square off with the gods. Again. Only this time, it's deliberate. 

For fans of "A Discovery of Witches," "Outlander," and "Once Upon a Time" — this series promises a captivating fusion of love, magic, and destiny.


  1. Once Upon a Soulmate
  2. Once Upon a Secret
  3. Once Upon a Sin
  4. Once Upon a Spirit
  5. Once Upon a Promise
  6. Once Upon a Shadow
  7. Once Upon a Light
  8. Once Upon a Halo
  9. Once Upon a Zodiac
  10. Once Upon a Vow
  11. Virgo - The Vampire city - EXCLUSIVE BONUS
By D.N. Leo
USA Today Bestselling author.
Genre: romantic fantasy with elements of fairytale.




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